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Simple Bash Script to Sort File Types into Directories

Often times I find myself needing to sort a lot of files into certain directories, for example I have downloaded a lot of free ebooks and a lot of them have different file types such as epub, mobi, azw, or even pdf and I want to keep them sorted into their respective folders to make it easier to pull up particular file types. To quickly do this I wrote a very simple and basic bash script that will allow me to do this.


array=( epub mobi pdf azw )

for i in "${array[@]}"
 echo "Moving books with file type: $i"
 find $sourcedir -type f -iname "*.$i" -print0 | xargs -0 -I file mv -v "file" "$bookdir/$i/"
 chown -R apache.apache "$bookdir/$i"

All it does is look for particular files that end in the extension that is in the array, and then move them into the bookdir/extension folder. So as an example if I had file1.epub in the /home/user/ directory, it would find that file and then move it to /books/epub.

This is a very basic script, and is just here to help people get the idea of how to automate tasks that you would normally do manually.

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  1. Hahaha… This is mine.


    cd /Users/username/Downloads/

    echo “Organizing your SHIT!”
    echo “”
    mv -v *.pdf PDF/
    mv -v *.epub PDF/
    mv -v *.torrent Torrents/
    mv -v *.rpm RPMs/
    mv -v *.gz tgz/
    mv -v *gz tgz/
    mv -v *tbz tgz/
    mv -v *.dmg DMG/
    mv -v *.bin BIN/
    mv -v *.zip ZIP
    mv -v *.conf configs/
    mv -v *.iso ISOs/
    mv -v *.doc* DOCS/
    mv -v *.png png/
    mv -v *.txt txt/
    mv -v *.mp3 mp3/
    mv -v *.jpg jpg/
    mv -v *.exe exe/
    mv -v *.wav wav/
    mv -v *.xml xml/
    mv -v *.cfg config/
    mv -v *.cfg configs/
    mv -v *.jar jar/
    mv -v *.ini ini/
    mv -v *.py py/
    mv -v *.pl perl/
    mv -v *.csv csv/
    mv -v *.pkg DMG/
    mv -v *.sh scripts/
    mv -v *.xls xls/
    mv -v *.xls* xls/
    mv -v *.war war/
    mv -v *.jpeg jpg/

    echo “”
    echo “Done!”

  2. Too funny, a bit long! I could even get fancy and make the array dynamic, but for me I didn’t need all that.

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