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Macbook – Find whats eating up your HDD

I know… this isn’t Linux, and a lot of Linux folk hate Mac. Putting Apple Inc aside, Mac is actually a great operating system to use to manage Linux servers in a corporate environment. I HATED Macbooks for the longest time, until work gave me the option of using Windows or getting a nice Mac. My primary reason for getting Mac was because if I chose Windows, I would have gotten a crappy Dell, and I was going to install some type of virtualization and use Mint anyhow.

I do a lot of development on my Mac, but my root partition is 698Gi large, which is fairly large, so when one day I got an error that my disk space had only 10% left, I was a but surprised.

I had to hop around all day and use du and delete files and folders that I had downloaded, but I still had a large amount taken, and it didn’t make sense to me.

After some looking around, and trying some applications that would help, I found the one that was actually super cool, it’s called Disk Inventory X. It analyzes all (or selected volumes), and shows you a very nice graphical display. Heres an example (Not from my Macbook):

Pretty useful huh? It shows you a color coded graphical representation.

The application is free to download, so give it a shot!

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