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Spice Up Your Default Index Page with h5a1

It’s a very bad idea to list the contents of a web directory. That being said, there are always exceptions to the rule. For example, I have an Apache server at my house that you can only get to from within the network, and I like to just browse to it and download whatever I need, without having to know the exact path or filename.


It provides a much richer interface, and some extra features that Apache/Nginx or any other HTTP service.

  • Breadcrumb and tree view for faster browsing
  • Different view modes
  • Auto refresh of folder content
  • Custom header and/or footer for each directory
  • Packaged download of selected content (tar and zip supported)
  • Filter for displayed files and folders
  • Folder sizes
  • Localization with lots of languages already included
  • Image and text file preview (including Markdown rendering)
  • Thumbnails for images, movies and PDFs
  • QR codes on hovering files
  • Sorting by name, date or size

Heres a sample default index n the h5a1 page
And if you’re too lazy to go to it, heres a screenshot
h5a1 demo screenshot


The installation is pretty straight forward, you just download the zip file (or even better, use wget), then copy the _h5ai folder and its contents to the root of the virtual hosts directory. Then add /_h5ai/server/php/index.php to the DirectoryIndex attribute (assuming you’re using Apache). Thats pretty much it. There are more details on the install on the homepage.


There really isn’t much to configure, but all of the configuration directives are located at in the _h5ai/conf/options.json file. The only change I had to make was to enable the foldersize attribute. But there are all kinds of things, like enabling the ability to delete file/folders. The other configuration attributes are: autorefresh, crumb, custom, delete, dropbox, download, filter, foldersize, google-analytics, l10n, link-hover-states, mode, piwik-analytics, preview-img, preview-txt, qrcode, rename, select, sort, statusbar, thumbnails, title, tree


Website: http://larsjung.de/h5ai
Demo: http://larsjung.de/h5ai/sample
Download: https://github.com/lrsjng/h5ai

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