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Writing your first AWS CloudFormation Template

When starting out in AWS, and trying to understand everything about CloudFormation, I admit, I struggled a little bit. All of the different types of things that you can do in CloudFormation was both amazing and frightening at the same ...

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DU vs. DF – Which Ones Right? Which To Trust?

du and df are both basic Linux commands that come pre-installed on every flavor of Linux (to the best of my knowledge). Snippet from the man page for du… NAME du — display disk usage statistics DESCRIPTION The du utility ...

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Perl – Executing System Commands

Perl comes with the ability to execute commands at the OS level, on any OS you are running (Linux, Windows, Mac, etc etc) There are three options available, all are different: system – Returns an exit code of the command ...

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Use Perl modules on remote servers.

As a Systems Administrator, mainly for Unix/Linux, you realize how big of a deal automation is. At my work, we have nearly a thousand CentOS/RHEL servers. To execute scripts or commands on a list of servers, you can use a ...

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