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DataTables Hide Empty Columns Plugin – Automatically hide any columns that are empty

I recently posted two other DataTables plugins I created, one for keeping the table conditions in the URL, and another for keeping AJAX sourced tables up-to-date. Well, I created another one! One project I’m working on has a lot of ...

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DataTables Keep Conditions Plugin – Link to the exact settings within the current table

I recently posted a plugin I created for DataTables, called Live Ajax, which basically keeps an AJAX sourced DataTable up to date, updating only the required rows. But thats actually only one of several plugins I’ve recently created. I happen ...

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DataTables Live Ajax Plugin – Keep your AJAX sourced tables up to date

I’m a big fan of the Open Source jQuery plugin DataTables. Out of all the jQuery plugins I have used, I feel comfortable saying it’s one of the most stable and powerful.  For those of you who don’t know what ...

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Adding JS & CSS Files To CKEditor Content

Recently, I’ve been working on a web-development project (Which I’m omitting from this post), which uses the popular WYSIWYG editor, CKEditor. A popular issue with WYSIWYG editors, is even though they have display a very accurate depiction of what the content ...

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