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Customize Your Bash Prompt

Bash Prompt The bash prompt, when customized, can be more useful than most people think. The default one that comes with most distros is pretty ugly and boring. The default is… Which looks like this when you’re in the console: ...

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Simple Bash Script to Sort File Types into Directories

Often times I find myself needing to sort a lot of files into certain directories, for example I have downloaded a lot of free ebooks and a lot of them have different file types such as epub, mobi, azw, or ...

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Viewing Bash Exit Status Codes With Pipes

Recently I was executing bash scripts from within bash scripts, and executing commands based off of exit code, typically I just use or just the typical But now what if you are also piping the output of script.sh through tee? Then you ...

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Bash script to create MySQL database and user

I don’t know about you, but often times I find myself needing to create a MySQL database and I simply forget all of the commands. This is really something that I should remember, but for some strange reason I just ...

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A better nslookup

If you’re a Systems Administrator, and you use a Mac or any flavor of Linux/Unix for your workstation, chances are you have used the nslookup command, typically located at /usr/bin/nslookup. It’s a fairly simple command, used to resolve a hostname to ...

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