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The Best Way to Install Nagios – Using OMD The Open Monitoring Distribution

Without a doubt the best OpenSource monitoring software out there is Nagios. Now I’m sure this is a debatable topic and some favor other options out there such as Zabbix. But if your a true Linux head, and loath any ...

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VMware and Hot Adding Hard Disks to a Running CentOS or RHEL Linux System

Its possible to extend your disk space on your running virtual machine without even needing to reboot! There are a few caveats obviously, you need to be using LVM (if you are not, SHAME ON YOU!) and be comfortable with file systems ...

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Common Misconceptions About Linux

Before I started learning Linux, I was very hesitant to start because of how intimidated I was from what I had heard. Now that I have much more experience, I have the ability to refute most of these misconceptions. None ...

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